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Zim Zim the black magic cannibal [Nov. 3rd, 2009|08:09 am]
Abnormal Stories in the News


It's been awhile since we had a good cannibal story... and now we have two!


"News of a cannibal named Zim Zim, 'half-human, half-ani-mal thing', circulated in schools, shops and businesses following reports of a 'black magic cannibal'..."

"We were shocked to see him eat the intestines and the other piece of flesh from the penis. Other people who could not understand the bizarre occurrence ran away but some descended on him with all manner of missiles..."

Moshi police arrest 'Cannibal'
7 Hours Ago

Police in Moshi are holding a middle aged suspect over allegations of murdering a relative and eating part of the deceased organs in a bizarre incident on Sunday.

The Kilimanjaro police boss, Lucas Nghoboko, confirmed the incident yesterday and said the suspect was under police surveillance at the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre (KCMC) referral hospital where he is admitted.

According to Nghoboko, the suspect who is believed to be aged 35-40 years was rescued from irate members of the public who wanted to lynch him following the murder at Kibosho-Kindi village in Moshi rural. The killing took place at about 10 am Sunday.

He said the suspect killed his clan member using an axe for reasons that are not known. He then proceeded to open his guts and chopped off intestines and the penis and ate pieces of flesh from the organs.

Shocked members of the public who arrived at the scene as the suspect ate the meat descended on him with the intention of killing him but quick intervention by the police saved him from their wrath.

"We were shocked to see him eat the intestines and the other piece of flesh from the penis. Other people who could not understand the bizarre occurrence ran away but some descended on him with all manner of missiles," one villager who did not want his name mentioned told reporters who also rushed to the scene.

Others claimed the suspect once killed a dog and also ate its flesh.

Police said the deceased was ambushed outside the suspect house as he proceeded to his own house not far from the scene. He died on the spot due to serious injuries inflicted by the suspect.

The deceased's body is at KCMC mortuary.

Zim Zim cannibal 'just a rumour'
October 24 2009

Residents of Phoenix and Mt Moriah, north of Durban, have been terrified about rumours of a cannibal on the loose in the area.

However, Durban police spokesman Superintendant Muzi Mngomezulu said they had investigated the claims and had found no proof.

"There is no clarity. It appears these are rumours or superstitions of some sort because there are no people reported to be lost," he said.

He said the police would not disregard the matter, but would have to treat it with suspicion until someone came forward with new information that could give them some positive leads.

Another police spokesman, Captain Khephu Ndlovu, said there had been a story circulating in communities in the area about a cannibal named Zim Zim.

'Cannibals' rumour sparks fear in Durbs
Oct 24, 2009

Hundreds of concerned Phoenix, Verulam and Inanda residents were conned this week by a hoax e-mail and reports of a "black magic cannibal".

News of a "half-human, half-ani-mal thing" circulated in schools, shops and businesses after hundreds of people descended on the Amaoti police station in Inanda last Sunday to enquire about two alleged cannibals.

SAPS spokesman Vincent Mdunge said concerned community members stormed the police station. He was not sure where they had heard that police had arrested cannibals.

Among the variations of the urban legend is that a truck containing the cannibals was hijacked and they "ate the driver, a few children, including one from Brookdale".

The e-mail also contained a photograph of the supposed cannibals preparing to eat a victim.

A local security company spokesman, Prem Balram, said the company had been "inundated with calls from residents who were afraid of being eaten".

"We've received an average of 30 calls a day. We have also been fielding about 30 e-mail queries a day since Sunday regarding the cannibals. Our callouts have increased drastically owing directly to the story in circulation."

Balram said he believed that the rumours had been fuelled by the discovery of four bodies in the north Durban area over the past two months.

One of the four was found in Dawncrest, Phoenix, in August with no internal organs. Another mutilated body was found soon afterwards in the same vicinity.

A third badly burned body was found last Wednesday near the new La Mercy airport, and the fourth body was found in a swampy area in Verulam.

In China, four men were arrested by police in August for circulating a bizarre hoax e-mail claiming that cannibals were responsible for the disappearance of 10 people.

According to international media reports, the bloggers faked photos showing the cannibals preparing to eat a human body. It is believed the same picture was used in the local e-mail.