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New True Crime vs. Crime-in-the-Media Community Promo - Fucked Up News [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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New True Crime vs. Crime-in-the-Media Community Promo [Feb. 20th, 2010|04:11 pm]
Abnormal Stories in the News


killer_culture is a community for those interested in true crime as well as related books, movies, television shows, etc. Anything related to true crime (even fictional) is welcome: debates, discussions concerning tv shows/movies/books (Dexter, Criminal Minds, Law & Order, etc.), icons, questions, news articles, pictures, pretty much anything relevant.

We're a brand new community and we're looking for interested members, "fans" of various crime-based shows/movies/etc. to keep debates/discussions fresh and interesting and to get the ball rolling. We're trying to stand out; since there are tons of true crime communities and tons of fandom communities...we're combining the two, in a sense!

If anyone has any questions, concerns or suggestions, contact me or the other mod, ar_poe.

Thank you very much to sistermaryfuck for approving this!